Boost your immune system this winter With Dr. Natalie Metz – 415.797.7288 – Fresh produce offers us a wealth of health benefits…vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients which help our bodies to function optimally and strengthen our immune systems. As we approach the holidays, the temptation of sweets and rich foods arises, yet we can choose healthy options to satisfy the cravings and support our [...]

Sleep, Stress and Supplements

Stress affects how fat and sugar are processed. It also affects weight gain, heart disease, hormones and DNA. It can shorten your life.  You’ve heard all this before, but what do you do about it. If you weren’t so stressed, you’d have time to relax and meditate. Well, first off, get more sleep. Most people [...]

Exercise makes your skin healthier

Turns out that regular exercise can make your skin healthier, particularly as you age. Preliminary research by scientists at Ontario’s McMaster University show that exercise not only keeps skin looking younger, but also enhances skin health at a microscopic level. One study found that people over 40 who exercised frequently had skin comparable to that [...]