>- Clinical study at Australian Catholic University indicates the benefits of USANA Active Calcium chewables on bone development in females ages nine to 13 -

SALT LAKE CITY—July 19, 2010—“Eat your veggies,” “Don’t run with scissors” and now “Take your calcium and Vitamin D.” A clinical study conducted at the School of Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University, has shown that taking high quality calcium supplements like USANA’s Active Calcium could help preadolescent girls set the stage for a lifetime of strong, mineral-rich bones. Study results indicated that a supplement containing high quality calcium plus Vitamin D significantly improved bone density, mass and strength in girls ages nine to 13—exactly what experts want to achieve in that time of life to prevent future skeletal issues.
This study is unique because it’s the first randomized, controlled trial to assess bone responses to calcium in twins. Using twins factors out genetic complications that have plagued studies; in working with the Australian Twin Registry, 20 pairs of female twins between the ages of nine and 13 were selected to participate. Scientists administered one twin in each pair a placebo and one twin USANA’s Active Calcium. After six months the study showed significant improvements in bone development in the twin who received the supplement.
“Experts regard osteoporosis as a pediatric disease because the best time to prevent is during childhood and early adolescence,” says Dr. Tim Wood, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at USANA Health Sciences, Inc. “Women put on 50% of their adult bone mineral mass during their teenage years. As such, this is the best time to grow strong, mineral rich bones and the most effective way to prevent osteoporosis later in life.” Dr. Wood adds, “We are particularly excited about these findings because they confirm results previously shown in another study conducted in the U.S. at the University of Utah.”
Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, osteoporosis can progress painlessly until a bone breaks. While women are four times more likely than men to develop the disease, men also suffer from osteoporosis. It’s important for the body’s bone structure and integrity that bones absorb the right levels of calcium and magnesium, and vitamin D helps this process. USANA’s Active Calcium is a balanced and complete formula of these important ingredients. For a calcium supplement to be effective, it must be absorbable, and USANA’s Active Calcium formula is the outstanding choice among competitors.

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>summer eating

>I don’t know about you, but I just adore summer fruits and veggies. I have been picking plums and blackberries right in my front yard. When I go to the market, I see all these wonderful and colorful varieties of produce.

In Chinese medicine, we are taught to eat seasonally and eat with the temperature. That means salads and fruits are great things to eat when it’s hot outside. Do you ever crave watermelon in the winter? No. The body wants warm foods in cold weather and cooler foods in hot weather.

So now is the time to enjoy those fruits and salads. I’ve even started preparing dinners that are on the cooler side or room temperature. Grilled veggies are great to serve at room temperature.

Try this great and simple herbal iced tea. Take 2 cups of water and boil with a handful of dried hibiscus and 1/4 cup of raw sugar. Let it steep for several hours and then pour the liquid into a pitcher and fill with water. It’s a great caffeine free refreshing beverage.

The warmer weather also gets us outside more. Take advantage of the later sunsets and go for a walk after dinner. Remember the best time to eat dinner is between 5-7pm so that will give you plenty of daylight to do something after eating.

The Summer element is Fire. The element corresponds to the heart, pericardium, small intestines and the triple heater. Summer has a sense of lightness of spirit and sense of freedom after the hard work of the spring. There is time to enjoy this wonderful feeling and share it with friends. The energy with which we take from here will warm us for the whole of the year to come. Without this, the rest of the year would be dark and spiritless. When love and joy are alive in us we reach out naturally to other people to share warmth and friendship with them.

The heart Chakra is in the center of the Chakra system. When not in balance there is a lack of joy that could go deeply into depression or just the opposite, an excess of joy with inappropriate laughter or manic behaviors.

Fire is symbolic of greatest Yang and the motion is upward. Agitation, nervous exhaustion, heartburn and insomnia are other indicators of imbalance in this area.

When there is a disturbance in the fire element, we should expect to see problems in how the body is heated inside and maintained in equilibrium with the outside world. When the element is weak, the whole body may be cooler, or just parts like the hands and feet. The opposite can occur, making the body hot and the face red as the excess heat is trapped inside.

When the element is weak, the flow will be poor or lukewarm which does nothing to encourage the bodily systems to work at their best. Everything inside will be dark and cold, and with no heat to disperse the dampness of the winter and spring, everything may stay waterlogged.

A person who’s primary element is Fire may talk about things in their life that should sound joyful, yet they don’t express joy when speaking about it. Or it might be the opposite, and they may talk about something very serious or sad and yet they speak lightly about it or laugh while talking about it.

The fire energy can get out of hand and may talk too quickly or border on hysterical. Weak energy may leave the mind lackluster and weary, flat and uninspiring.

The heart is the supreme controller. All other meridians are like cabinet members to the supreme controller. When the heart is functioning properly, the person is open and compassionate, very supportive and understanding. The supreme controller brings this into our lives and gives the ability to love people and see the good in them. The heart is able to tell what’s really the truth.

The small intestine is the separator of the pure from the impure. It is responsible for helping the heart stay open. The small intestine looks at everything coming in and sorts their importance. What is garbage and what is truth?

The heart and small intestine are the management side for all the other officials. They set the environment, when it’s balanced you experience joy.

If the small intestine is not working, you can get off on the wrong path and take care of stuff that is none of your business. With small intestine imbalances one cannot see what needs to be done and may seem a bit confused or slow to sort out things.

The pericardium is about relationships and interactions with people on to one. It’s the circulation sex meridian and relates to sexual relationships. If the heart protector is not working well, a relationship may go to love even though the other person is not there. You will hear about how their feelings got hurt or they take everything personally. Literally, take it to heart. The little disappointments really hurt them. If a relationship ends and there is an imbalance, the person may jump right into a new relationship or may completely close their heart.

Enjoy the Fire energy of the summer. Open your heart chakra and experience the joy and the lightness the season brings. Eat the foods that support the energy and feel in tune with nature.

>Multivitamins Improve Mental Fatigue and Stress in Healthy Men

>From USANA Health Sciences

July 7, 2010

In a recent study of healthy adult men, multinutrient supplementation led to improved ratings of stress, vigor, mental health, and cognitive performance during intense mental processing.

A major percentage of the general population reports regular use of multivitamin supplements. Among the common reasons given for doing so are helping combat mental fatigue and stress, although there are few studies that have analyzed the relationship between multivitamin supplementation and mental performance in healthy, non-elderly adults.

In a recent article published in the journal Psychopharmacology, researchers reported that multivitamin and mineral supplements taken daily for a month improved mental fatigue and stress levels in adult men.

Participants in this double-blind study included 215 healthy men between the ages of 30 and 55 who were regularly exposed to mental fatigue and stress in their full-time employment. Subjects received either a placebo or a multivitamin and mineral supplement which they took daily for 33 days. The multivitamin included moderate levels of vitamin C and the B vitamins, as well as the minerals magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Previous to and following the last day of treatment, subjects completed questionnaires that measured mood states, perceived stress, and general health. On the final day, further testing evaluated cognitive performance and task-related changes in mood and fatigue while walking on a treadmill.

When compared to the placebo group, participants receiving the multinutrient supplement experienced a significant improvement in perceived stress, general health and vigor, cognitive function, and mental fatigue.

While it isn’t possible to identify the specific mechanism of action responsible for these improvements, the results of the study support results from previous research indicating that supplementation of multivitamin/minerals in healthy, normal populations may provide beneficial effects on mental health, adaptation to stress, and cognitive function.

Kennedy DO et al. Effects of high-dose B vitamin complex with vitamin C and minerals on subjective mood and performance in healthy males. 2010. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 211(1):55-68.

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