>Bad apples

>I did this experiment with some apples to see how USANA’s anti-oxidants held up to some other popular brands. I’ve heard about others doing this and watched a YouTube video that someone posted as well. I knew USANA would do well, but I had no idea how well.

Everyone needs a high quality supplement filled with anti-oxidants. Oxidation is like your cells rusting. When you cut an apple it turns brown. This process is called oxidation. The same thing happens to your cells inside your body. It’s the wear and tear on the tissues and cells as you produce and expend energy.
A toxic environment, stress, sunlight, exercise, food additives, and mercury in fillings and seafood, just to name a few, increase oxidative damage. Anti-oxidants neutralize oxidation defending your cells and fighting premature aging.
The USDA reported that most people don’t receive even the most basic levels of select nutrients from the food they eat. People who take supplements are proactive about their health.

I cut and peeled an organic apple into quarters. I placed each slice into identical containers and filled them with filtered water. I then placed a USANA, Centrum and Trader Joe’s supplement in three of them and left the last one as the control apple.

What I noticed first was that the USANA supplement dissolved faster than the others. Actually, after 2 days the other supplements never fully dissolved.

The USANA apple was almost perfect. It looked almost like I had just cut it. The Centrum apple was pretty gross looking and the TJ’s apple showed signs of oxidative damage that was slightly less than the apple in plane water. I’ve attached photos for you to see for yourself.

I feel the difference when I take my USANA supplements, but I was also impressed with the results.

See for yourself. (In this order, USANA, Centrum, Tj’s, and Water.)

>Plastics in my life

>So in reading the Healthy Home I’m learning more about plastics in our lives. I knew it was not safe to microwave them, but I had no idea that in just general food storage the chemicals can be found in the food. Yikes. Now I’m heading out to Target to buy glass containers. As I take an assessment of how I use plastics for storage I’m a bit overwhelmed in my task. My shopping list grows. New bowls and watering dishes for cats. What will I pack my son’s lunch in? He loves sliced apples with sunflower seed butter. I have these convenient, tiny little plastic containers for the dips.

Now my husband sends me this article about canned foods. I’m thinking, I don’t use many canned things but my major convenience is canned black beans and canned chickpeas. I used to take the time to soak and sprout my beans before cooking them. Am I going back to that? It’s a dilemma that I face as I read what those chemicals do to children. It does take a bit more planning, but I can do that.

I recently made my own Almond milk and it was a great project to do with my son. I’m sure I can make cooking beans fun too. Also, I can cook large amounts and freeze them for convenience. I guess it’s all about what changes do you feel you can make without making yourself crazy. I’ll keep you posted on the beans.

Here is the article from the SF Gate. It’s quite an eye-opener. 

>Libido Producers


This is from myhealthyhome.com. I just bought the book and love it. What I love most about these suggests is that it is what I often suggest to my patients. Acupuncture and RESET can help people reduce weight. Working with the mind, body, spirit connection also helps people feel better about themselves. 
There are plenty of pills and potions on the market that claim to increase libido and ramp up sex drive. And studies have shown there are plenty of couples out there looking for answers. But simple, natural ways to boost your libido are available without e-mail-only offers and other less-than-reputable means.
It can be something as simple as removing the clutter from your bedroom. With all the piles of clothes, stacks of bills, and other signs of errands left undone, the bedroom is more a reminder of a stressful life rather than a romantic oasis. By removing the clutter, you’ll be helping your sex life by allowing yourself to focus on it, which might help make the rest of your life less stressful in the process.
Eliminating distractions, like the TV, is another easy step. This, like removing the clutter from your bedroom, will help you focus on being more in the moment. And who needs TV when you can create your own entertainment?

Changes in your lifestyle can also naturally increase your libido, and staying fit is one of those simple solutions for your sex life. Getting regular, moderate exercise can help improve the flow of blood to your sex organs.1 Exercising will also help you lose weight, which will also increase blood flow.2 Working out or getting some type of physical activity also releases endorphins in your brain, which have been linked to the release of hormones that ramp up the sex drive.

Watching what you put in your body is another way to remedy the libido issues you may be facing. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and getting plenty of vitamins and antioxidants can do wonders for overall health and the health of your sex life.3 If you are a smoker, quitting could be one of the best things you can do for your lungs and your libido. This will reinvigorate blood flow, increase stamina, and make you a lot more kissable.4 Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation (overdoing it won’t do you any favors) is another tip for increasing your libido.

Self-esteem is something so simple it’s often overlooked in discussions about sex drive. If you feel better about yourself, chances are you’ll feel sexier. A lot of things go into feeling good about yourself, but some of the tips above—like staying fit, losing weight, and eating right—can also help with self-esteem. Or take some time to make yourself feel better by treating yourself to a massage, doing a little shopping, or simply taking time to relax. The better you feel about yourself, the better your sex life can be.

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