Five Reasons to Eat Organic Apples: Pesticides, Healthy Communities, and You


There are good reasons to eat organic and locally raised fruits and vegetables. For one, they usually taste better and are a whole lot fresher. Yet most of us can’t afford to buy all our food at the farmer’s market or natural foods store, and in many places, locally produced and organic foods are a [...]

7 Benefits of Exercise (and Why Weight Loss Isn’t One of Them)


In ‘Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It‘, Gary Tabues spends a lot of time debunking the theory that to lose weight we need to exercise more. He details many studies conducted on unsuspecting laboratory rats, of which I’ll spare you the details. But there was one study that really resonated. Danish [...]

Plan A Healthier Tailgate Party!


Sports are in full swing and games are dominating not just the television, but maybe your social schedule too! Whether you’re gearing up for Monday night football or hosting a tailgate before your kid’s game, forget the nachos and prepare this pulled chicken recipe instead. It’s easy, healthy, and makes enough to feed the whole [...]

What Colors Are on Your Plate?


Pick a color, any color. If you want to improve your health one serving at a time, choose vegetables and fruits of varying colors. Vibrant-colored fruits and veggies give you a range of phytonutrients, each with its own health-promoting strengths. Colorful plant foods happen to be incredible sources of soluble and insoluble fiber — both [...]

Maternal Thyroid Problems and Lowered IQ in Children

It has been known for over 100 years, that thyroid problems during pregnancy can cause problems in the cognitive development of the children. Even mild thyroid problems in pregnant women can lead to a permanently lowered IQ in their children. Perchlorate is a chemical that is produced by both natural and man-made processes. It is [...]

What is Inflamm-Aging?

As I prepare to support a group of people ready to reduce their inflammation using my 5 Day Sugar Cleanse, I’m reminded of the problems that inflammation can create in our lives. The term ‘inflamm-aging’ is used to characterize a widely accepted theory that aging is accompanied by a low- grade inflammatory response. It is [...]

Keep Challenging Your Body


It may have been just a few weeks ago that you were an exercise newbie. Those first workouts were rough — you didn’t think you’d ever survive! But now look at you — you’re working out on a regular basis and improving your diet by eating whole foods and avoiding processed junk. Good for you! [...]

Make the Portion and Calorie Cut


Americans have completely skewed ideas about portion size. No other country on earth offers portions as enormous as the ones here. Honestly, go anywhere else in the world and order a meal. You’ll see the difference. We’re conditioned to believe that more equals better. Just look at the endless marketing of fast food; we’re constantly [...]

Your Brain’s Silent Killer – Sugar


David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N., is a board-certified neurologist and fellow of the American College of Nutrition and author of Grain Brain. Dr. Perlmutter aims to expose the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar – your brain’s silent killers. Inflammation, is a cornerstone mechanism related to progressive destruction that occurs in the brain as we [...]