What Colors Are on Your Plate?


Pick a color, any color. If you want to improve your health one serving at a time, choose vegetables and fruits of varying colors. Vibrant-colored fruits and veggies give you a range of phytonutrients, each with its own health-promoting strengths. Colorful plant foods happen to be incredible sources of soluble and insoluble fiber — both [...]

Take a Stand: The Effects of Sitting at Work

Do you sit in front of a computer a majority of the time you are at work? 50-70% of people spend five to seven hours a day sitting. Sitting for long periods has health consequences, including increased risk for obesity and chronic disease. Even one hour of daily exercise cannot compensate for sitting at a desk for a prolong period of time. Try to combat [...]

Do You Suffer from Diet Rage?


After slowing down to an unexplained stop for the 147th time in the space of 2 miles, I decided that I hated the world. Surrounding me were an ocean of maddening brake lights, rain pelting the windshield and thousands of tons of steel and fiberglass flung around by a clueless pack of selfish morons who [...]

Feed your face


Just like there isn’t a magic pill for weight loss, there isn’t one vitamin that will give you perfectly beautiful skin. It’s like most things in life, you need to work at it daily. Healthy foods and habits as well as high quality nutritional products are the keys to great looking skin. 1. Drink more [...]

7 Essentials Of A Running Shoe That Won’t Wreck Your Feet


Yeah, you could run in those cute walking shoes or older-than-dirt trainers, but please don’t. “When you run, you hit the ground with force greater than two times your own body weight,” says Jeff Dengate, shoes and gear editor at Runner’s World. “Running shoes are built with higher-quality, lightweight materials that help lessen that impact.” [...]

8 Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

Young afro woman running on the beach

Are you someone who jumps out of bed each day, bursting with energy and ready to go? If not (and not many people are!), then you aren’t alone in wondering how morning exercisers do it. Somehow it must be easier for them to get up when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m., because that’s [...]

MYTH: Raw Veggies Are More Nutritious Than Cooked


When it comes to eating vegetables, do you boil, steam, blanch or just eat them raw? There are various reports out there that cooking vegetables causes them to lose their nutrients and that to get the most from your vegetables, you should eat them raw. Others say that’s nonsense. Not sure which side to take [...]

Wowza! This Kale Slaw is Amazing.


I recently made this zippy Jalapeno-Lime Kale Slaw and was amazed at how yummy and SIMPLE it was. Eating raw greens can help with digestion of the rest of your meal. You can serve this salad with black beans and quinoa for a simple and nutritious meal. Salad: 5 to 6 cups thinly sliced kale [...]

Eat Butter to Protect Your Brain


What is your biggest concern when it comes to your long-term health?If I asked 100 of my subscribers I bet the majority of you would respond by answering: dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As of today, there is no treatment for either of these conditions…or is there? Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist and author [...]

Make Being Healthy a Family Affair


Being a parent can be exhausting — you’re constantly on the run and rarely have time for yourself! Putting yourself — and your health first — can be difficult, but if you follow these tips, fitting in your three or four workouts each week will happen with ease. In addition, you’ll be great role models [...]